Multiculturalism and the criminal justice system

Robert D. Hanser, University of Louisiana, Monroe, Michael Gomila, University of Louisiana, Monroe

This contemporary text addresses a wide range of diverse groups in society as they relate to the criminal justice system. Multiculturalism and the Criminal Justice System, 1e, is the contemporary text that addresses diversity and multicultural issues in the policing, judicial, correctional, and juvenile justice segments of the criminal justice system. This text contains numerous visual aids that showcase data that is current and relevant. Unlike the competition, this text is comprehensive in its portrayal of various minority groups, addresses the issues from a systemic view of criminal justice, is practitioner-driven, and is well organized. Teaching and Learning Experience This book fulfills the need for a thorough and up-to-date text on multicultural issues facing criminal justice practitioners. It provides: Comprehensive content: Students will learn about multiculturalism in a manner that has both breadth and depth U p-to-date coverage of multi - cultural issues facing criminal justice practitioners Examines perspectives from the practitioner, offender, and victim vantage point Exceptional pedagogical tools and support for flexible approaches to teaching and learning: Encourages students to develop critical thinking skills with numerous examples and exercises, and makes class preparation quick and easy with innovative features for instructors