Pathways to Successful Transition for Youth with Disabilities : A Developmental Process

Carol A Kochhar-Bryant; Gary A Greene

Bringing together the expertise of two of the most experienced scholars in transition personnel preparation this up-to-date text offers a balanced presentation of theory, research, and practice in regard.

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to career guidance and transition for youth with disabilities. Its contemporary focus on such issues as inclusive education, cultural and linguistic diversity, and self-determination and advocacy creates a text with broad-based appeal; while its thorough scholarship supports content with a solid foundation in theory and research. The text is divided into three sections: Philosophical and Policy Foundations (Chapters 1-5), Implementation of Transition in Local Systems (Chapters 6-12), and Cultural Issues and Leadership for Transition (Chapters 13 & 14), which can be used together or independently. It includes a unique, cross-categorical model emphasizing a wide variety of transition pathways; and, offers numerous practical suggestions for how to draft IEP transition language related to this model. The authors address many of the emerging issues and content areas not fully addressed in other transition texts, those being: The role of the general education teacher in middle and secondary general education classrooms and in community-based experiences; The crucial need for better educational and employment preparation systems to support youth with disabilities; The challenge educators face in developing educational programs that serve a diverse population of learners, including those with disabilities, at-risk for school failure, former school drop-outs, those with limited English proficiency, and teen parents; Sensitivity to and conceptual understanding of how cultural orientation affects attitudes toward work and careers; The need for transition professionals to clearly link self-determination concepts, career assessment, and individual transition planning; A deep understanding of the history of transition services, and the federal and state laws that provide authority and guidance to practice. This thoroughly updated text covers research-based best practices and ensures readers come away with the most current information and the broadest possible definition of transition.