Embedded RTOS Design: Insights and Implementation

Walls, Colin

Embedded RTOS Design: Insights and Implementation combines explanations of RTOS concepts with detailed, practical implementation guidance for designing a basic real-time kernel--limited in scope and simple.

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to understand--that could be used for a real design of modest complexity. The kernel features upward-compatibility to a commercial real-time operating system: Nucleus RTOS. Code is provided which can be used without restriction, along with practical information on scheduling, preemption and interrupt information flow (queues, semaphores) and how they work, and signaling between tasks (signals, events). Also includes coverage of memory management (Where does each task get its stack from? What happens if the stack is overflowed? Reallocation or Fault?), CPU contexts (storage and retrieval after a context switch), and more. The book teaches readers how to utilize a basic real-time kernel to develop their own prototype, how to design RTOS features, and how to understand the facilities of a commercial RTOS.