Shape Memory Alloy Engineering, Second Edition, builds upon the success of the first edition, while embracing the advancements in new materials, new systems and new applications. Readers will gain an understanding.

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of the intrinsic properties of SMAs and their characteristic state diagrams, allowing for the design of innovative compact actuation systems. As with the first edition, the structure remains the same in order to guide the reader from the selection of the material, including the manufacturing aspects, the integration in actuator systems or other kind of devices (as dissipation and isolation elements), and the final applications to practical problems. In addition, a new section is solely dedicated to addressing modelling and design process aspects in order to provide the users with essential tools for product development and implementation to their specific problems. It also explores recent applications, dividing between consolidated commercial applications and correlated expected developments, as well as current research activities aimed at making up new devices for innovative implementations. The book realistically discusses both the potential of these fascinating materials as well as their limitations in everyday life, and how to overcome some of those limitations in order to achieve proper design of useful SMA mechanisms.