Providing an alternative to engineering-focused resources in the area, Programming Mathematics Using MATLAB(R) introduces the basics of programming and of using MATLAB(R) by highlighting many mathematical.

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examples. Emphasizing mathematical concepts through the visualization of programming throughout the book, this useful resource utilizes examples that may be familiar to math students (such as numerical integration) and others that may be new (such as fractals). Additionally, the text uniquely offers a variety of MATLAB(R) projects, all of which have been class-tested thoroughly, and which enable students to put MATLAB(R) programming into practice while expanding their comprehension of concepts such as Taylor polynomials and the Gram-Schmidt process. Programming Mathematics Using MATLAB(R) is appropriate for readers familiar with sophomore-level mathematics (vectors, matrices, multivariable calculus), and is useful for math courses focused on MATLAB(R) specifically and those focused on mathematical concepts which seek to utilize MATLAB(R) in the classroom.