A Workbook of Ethical Case Scenarios in Applied Behavior Analysis

Darren Sush; Adel C Najdowski

Those working within the field of applied behavior analysis encounter potential ethical dilemmas on a daily basis. While some challenges can be anticipated and appropriately addressed before they become.

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unmanageable, oftentimes behavior analysts are confronted with unforeseen and novel situations that require immediate, yet careful attention. It is impossible to anticipate and plan for every eventuality. A Workbook of Ethical Case Scenarios in Applied Behavior Analysis presents over 85 real-world case scenarios commonly faced by individuals practicing applied behavior analysis. The examples range in difficulty and severity to address the unique challenges and needs of those teaching, practicing, or learning applied behavior analysis through ethics-focused coursework or preparing for the BACB(R) certification exam. In addition to case scenarios, the book provides detailed questions to facilitate discussion and critical thinking and offers suggestions related to the navigation of ethically precarious situations. Offers case scenarios addressing codes within the Behavior Analyst Certification Board's (BACB(R)) Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior AnalystsPresents detailed question prompts to facilitate discussion and critical thinkingOffers suggestions on the navigation of ethical challenges Discusses how to assess risk and devise ethically-appropriate courses of actionProvides the entirety of the BACB(R) ethics code for quick access and reference