Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy : Foundations and Guidelines for Animal-Assisted Interventions

Aubrey H Fine

Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy: Foundations and Guidelines for Animal-Assisted Interventions, Fifth Edition highlights advances in the field, with seven new chapters and revisions to over 75% of the.

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material. This book will help therapists discover the benefits of incorporating animal assisted therapy into their practice, how to design and implement animal assisted interventions, and the efficacy of animal assisted therapy with different disorders and patient populations. Coverage includes the use of AAT with children, families and the elderly, in counseling and psychotherapy settings, and for treating a variety of specific disorders. Contains seven new chapters in addition to 75% new or revised materialIncludes guidelines and best practices for using animals as therapeutic companionsAddresses specific types of patients and environmental situationsIncludes AAI working with cats, dogs, birds, and horsesDiscusses why animals are used in therapy, as well as how