Science Teaching Essentials : Short Guides to Good Practice

Cynthia J Brame

Science Teaching Essentials: Short Guides to Good Practice serves as a reference manual for science faculty as they set up a new course, consider how to teach the course, figure out how to assess their.

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students fairly and efficiently, and review and revise course materials. This book consists of a series of short chapters that instructors can use as resources to address common teaching problems and adopt evidence-based pedagogies. By providing individual chapters that can be used independently as needed, this book provides faculty with a just-in-time teaching resource they can use to draft a new syllabus. This is a must-have resource for science, health science and engineering faculty, as well as graduate students and post-docs preparing for future faculty careers. Provides easily digested, practical, research-based information on how to teachAllows faculty to efficiently get up-to-speed on a given pedagogy or assessment methodAddresses the full range of faculty experiences as they being to teach for the first time or want to reinvent how they teach