Clinical Interventions in Criminal Justice Settings : Evidence-Based Practice

George T Patterson; Warren K Graham
Elsevier Science

Clinical Interventions in Criminal Justice Settings balances theoretical frameworks and research methodology to examine the effective evidence-based practices and principles for populations within the criminal justice system. The book explores the major clinical issues that are relevant for adopting evidence-based practices and demonstrates how to implement them. Topics include legislation, law enforcement, courts, corrections, actuarial assessment instruments, treatment fidelity, diverse populations, mental illness, substance use and juvenile delinquency. Clinical Interventions in Criminal Justice Settings models opportunities for evidence-based practice during entry into the criminal justice system (arrest), prosecution (court, pretrial release, jail, and prison), sentencing (community supervision, incarceration), and corrections (jail, prison, probation and parole). Addresses offenders in all four components of the criminal justice system--legislation, law enforcement, courts and correctionsCovers the use of actuarial risk assessment instruments for clinical decision-makingIncludes tools that predict recidivism, levels of service needed, and future offending behaviorSeparates specific practices for juvenile and adult offendersDelves into specific special populations, such as those with HIV and AIDS, substance abuse, co-occurring disorders and homelessness