What Went Wrong? : Case Histories of Process Plant Disasters and How They Could Have Been Avoided

Trevor Kletz; Paul Amyotte

What Went Wrong? 6th Edition provides a complete analysis of the design, operational, and management causes of process plant accidents and disasters. Co-author Paul Amyotte has built on Trevor Kletz's legacy by incorporating questions and personal exercises at the end of each major book section. Case histories illustrate what went wrong and why it went wrong, and then guide readers in how to avoid similar tragedies and learn without having to experience the loss incurred by others. Updated throughout and expanded, this sixth edition is the ultimate resource of experienced-based analysis and guidance for safety and loss prevention professionals. 20% new material and updating of existing content with parts A and B now combinedExposition of topical concepts including Natech events, process security, warning signs, and domino effectsNew case histories and lessons learned drawn from other industries and applications such as laboratories, pilot plants, bioprocess plants, and electronics manufacturing facilities