Sustainable Desalination Handbook - eBook


Sustainable Desalination Handbook: Plant Selection, Design and Implementation provides the comprehensive knowledge base required for efficient and sustainable process design for existing and new desalination.

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plants around the world. This valuable resource for understanding and utilizing the most recent developments in desalination technologies and methods addresses the necessary components, including process design and implementation, operational strategies, and novel discoveries that minimize environmental impacts. In addition, the book features essential illustrations, operational details, issues and potential solutions and sustainable management strategies for present and future desalination plants.Explains plant design and process selection criteria for each desalination processPresents international regulations and permitting for intake and discharge locations, design and disposalProvides energy recovery schemes, optimization and process controlsCovers renewable energy sources, such as nuclear, geothermal, solar and wind powered desalination, energy storage and optimizationIncludes case studies of recent desalination projects and process design