Introduction to Security

Robert Fischer; Edward Halibozek; David Walters
Elsevier Inc

Introduction to Security, Tenth Edition, provides an overview of the security industry with an emphasis on the theories of security and loss prevention that have shaped the profession. Security is covered.

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in totality, providing readers with a glimpse of the various and diverse components that make up the security function. This updated book is the latest edition in what has historically been the go-to textbook on the subject for more than 30 years. While this fully updated edition continues to utilize the basic concepts that have made this text the premier primer in the security field, it also focuses heavily on current and future security issues. Uses a three-part structure (Introduction, Basics of Defense, and Specific Threat and Solutions) that allows for easy progression of learningCovers the basics of security operations, as well as in-depth information on hot topics like transportation security, workplace violence, retail security, cybersecurity and piracyIncludes information on the latest applied security technologiesThoroughly examines evolving trends, with a focus on the future of securityIncludes recommendations for further reading and other security resourcesServes the needs of multiple audiences as both a textbook and professional desk reference