Introduction to EEG- And Speech-Based Emotion Recognition

Priyanka A Abhang; Bharti W Gawali; Suresh C Mehrotra

Introduction to EEG- and Speech-Based Emotion Recognition Methods examines the background, methods, and utility of using electroencephalograms (EEGs) to detect and recognize different emotions. By incorporating.

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these methods in brain-computer interface (BCI), we can achieve more natural, efficient communication between humans and computers. This book discusses how emotional states can be recognized in EEG images, and how this is useful for BCI applications. EEG and speech processing methods are explored, as are the technological basics of how to operate and record EEGs. Finally, the authors include information on EEG-based emotion recognition, classification, and a proposed EEG/speech fusion method for how to most accurately detect emotional states in EEG recordings. Provides detailed insight on the science of emotion and the brain signals underlying this phenomenonExamines emotions as a multimodal entity, utilizing a bimodal emotion recognition system of EEG and speech dataDetails the implementation of techniques used for acquiring as well as analyzing EEG and speech signals for emotion recognition