Practical Resources for the Mental Health Professional: Clinical and Organizational Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis

Dr Henry S RoAne; Joel E Ringdahl; Terry S Falcomata
Elsevier Science

Applied behavior analysts use applied research to create and implement effective evidence-based procedures in schools, homes, and the community, which have proved effective in addressing behaviors associated.

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with autism and other developmental disorders. The principles underlying this therapeutic approach have been increasingly effective when applied to other populations, settings, and behaviors. Clinical and Organizational Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis explores data-based decision-making in depth to inform treatment selection for behavior change across various populations and contexts. Each chapter addresses considerations related to data collection, single-case research design methodology, objective decision-making, and visual inspection of data. The authors reference a range of published research methods in the area of applied behavior analysis (ABA) as it has been applied to specific topics, as well as utilizing their own clinical work by providing numerous case examples. Reviews current evidence-based practices to provide a comprehensive guide to the application of ABA principles across a range of clinical contexts and applicationsDivides clinical applications into three sections for ease-of-use: child, adult, and broad-based healthExplores the breadth of ABA-based treatment beyond autism and developmental disordersDraws upon a range of subject-matter experts who have clinical and research experience across multiple uses of ABA