Treatment Planning for Person-Centered Care : Shared Decision Making for Whole Health

Neal Adams; Diane M Grieder
Elsevier Science

Treatment Planning for Person-Centered Care, second edition, guides therapists in how to engage clients in building and enacting collaborative treatment plans that result in better outcomes. Suitable as.

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a reference tool and a text for training programs, the book provides practical guidance on how to organize and conduct the recovery plan meeting, prepare and engage individuals in the treatment planning process, help with goal setting, use the plan in daily practice, and evaluate and improve the results. Case examples throughout help clarify information applied in practice, and sample documents illustrate assessment, objective planning, and program evaluation. Presents evidence basis that person-centered care works Suggests practical implementation adviceCase studies translate principles into practiceAddresses entire treatment process from assessment & treatment to outcome evaluationAssists in building the skills necessary to provide quality, person-centered, culturally competent care in a changing service delivery systemUtilizes sample documents, showing examples of how to write a plan, etc.Helps you to improve the quality of services and outcomes, while maintain optimum reimbursement