Emerging Library Technologies : It's Not Just for Geeks

Ida Arlene Joiner
Elsevier Inc

Emerging Library Technologies, is written for librarians/information professionals, teachers, administrators, researchers, undergraduate/graduate students, and others who are interested in learning about.

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some of the most popular emerging technologies in the media today such as artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, driverless vehicles, big data, virtual/augmented reality, 3D printing, and wearable technologies. This valuable resource shows how they can be used in libraries and resource centers, and how to get stakeholder buy in for implementing these technologies. Covers innovative insights on how these emerging technologies can be used in all types libraries and resource centers.Discusses how to get key stakeholders on board before implementing emerging technologies including a checklist to complete before presenting your technology proposal to senior management.Brings unique perspective for assisting people who will be displaced by these emerging technologies.Includes resources at the end of every chapter on keeping abreast and building expertise on the emerging technology topic.Contains tips on how professionals can forge strategic relationships to collaborate on emerging technology projects such as preparing students for STEM and STEAM careers.Poses engaging questions for further discussion after each chapter.Includes comprehensive glossary at the end of each chapter.