Knowledge Management in Libraries - eBook


Knowledge Management in Libraries: Concepts, Tools and Approaches brings to the forefront the increasing recognition of the value of knowledge and information to individuals, organizations, and communities,.

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providing an analysis of the concepts of Knowledge Management (KM) that prevails among the Library and Information Science (LIS) community.Thus, the book explores knowledge management from the perspective of LIS professionals. Furthermore, unlike most books on the topic, which address it almost exclusively in the context of a firm or an organization to help gain a competitive advantage, this book looks at knowledge management in the context of not for profit organizations such as libraries.Describes the theory and approaches of knowledge management in the context of librarianshipSeeks to identify and explain the principles that underlie the different processes of knowledge managementCombines the theoretical and practical perspectives of the topicProvides a comprehensive and methodological approach to support librarians and information science professionals in the implementation of knowledge management in libraries and information centersProposes a model for libraries and information centers which may be used as a guide for implementationIncorporates illustrations where necessary to provide a clear understanding of the concepts