Glencoe Integrated Iscience, Course 2, Grade 7, Student Edition


Integrated iScience blends life, earth, and physical science topics in three courses, specific to each grade. Integrated iScience Course 2 focuses on scientific explanations and covers topics in life, earth, and physical science. Units include: Life: Structure and Function, Life: Changes and Interactions, Energy and Matter, Earth: A Dynamic Planet and Exploring the Universe. The text's pedagogy (chapter outlines, core concept maps, and overviews) reveals how the science disciplines are interrelated and integrated throughout the text. It continues to introduce basic concepts and key ideas while providing opportunities for students to learn reasoning skills and a new way of thinking about their environment. iScience meets students where they are through engaging graphic novel-style features and thought-provoking questions that encourage them to relate the science concepts to the world around them. The inquiry-based 5E lesson cycle provides active, hands-on explorations of the concepts. Includes: Integrated iScience Course 1 Print Student Edition