Street Law: A Course in Practical Law, Student Edition


Street Law's interactive methods focus on legal issues relevant to students' lives as they help students develop the knowledge and skills essential in our law-related society.Features: - Intellectual property.

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coverage invites students to consider issues related to ownership of ideas.- Case Studies illustrate legal issues in the context of real-life and hypothetical situations.- FYIs contain practical information for dealing with various legal problems.- Human Rights U.S.A. offers an opportunity to study human rights issues in the United States.- Law in Action uses hypothetical scenarios to explain legal processes.- You Be the Judge involves students in considering and deciding the outcome of a legal situation.- Where You Live highlights variations in local law and procedures and highlights law where students live.- Youth Act helps students learn how to advocate for change in their community and how to solve problems without going to court.- Legal Documents are reproduced in the text to aid students' understanding.