Teamwork and Project Management

Karl A Smith

Teamwork, projects, collaborative problem solving, innovation, and creativity are central to success in engineering, especially in the increasingly global economy. The overall goal of Teamwork and Project.

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Management, Fourth Edition is to prepare you for these aspects of professional practice in engineering. The approach involves engaging you in activity, reflection, and collaboration to build your knowledge and skills. The fourth edition represents a major redesign and includes an expanded number of collaborators. Specific goals for readers of Teamwork and Project Management, Fourth edition include: -To help frame the project team and identify and use an appropriate project management team. -To understand the dynamics of team development and interpersonal problem solving. -To identify strategies for accelerating the development of true team effectiveness. -To understand the critical dimensions of project scope, time, and cost management. -To understand the critical dimensions of project scope, time and cost management. -To explore a variety of best practices including anticipating, preventing, and overcoming barriers to project success.