Iron-Clad Java - eBook


Proven Methods for Building Secure Java-Based Web ApplicationsDevelop, deploy, and maintain secure Java applications using the expert techniques and open source libraries described in this Oracle Press.

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guide. Iron-Clad Java presents the processes required to build robust and secure applications from the start and explains how to eliminate existing security bugs. Best practices for authentication, access control, data protection, attack prevention, error handling, and much more are included. Using the practical advice and real-world examples provided in this authoritative resource, you'll gain valuable secure software engineering skills.Establish secure authentication and session management processesImplement a robust access control design for multi-tenant web applicationsDefend against cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, and clickjackingProtect sensitive data while it is stored or in transitPrevent SQL injection and other injection attacksEnsure safe file I/O and uploadUse effective logging, error handling, and intrusion detection methodsFollow a comprehensive secure software development lifecycle"In this book, Jim Manico and August Detlefsen tackle security education from a technical perspective and bring their wealth of industry knowledge and experience to application designers. A significant amount of thought was given to include the most useful and relevant security content for designers to defend their applications. This is not a book about security theories, its the hard lessons learned from those who have been exploited, turned into actionable items for application designers, and condensed into print." From the Foreword by Milton Smith, Oracle Senior Principal Security Product Manager, Java